We offer expert legal and business affairs services to digital start-ups and established companies. Whether embedded as part time “in-house” or “general” counsel for start-ups that don't have the budget for a staff lawyer, or engaged on a project basis for companies that have a full time in-house legal team but need additional support, we provide cost effective solutions with great depth of experience and knowledge in a rapidly evolving digital media industry.

In-House Counsel + Operations

We provide various fee structures that allow start-up companies and established publishers engage a highly specialized and experienced lawyer as part-time “in house” or “general” counsel to represent their interests in negotiations and day to day commercial transactions. We also advise and referrals on operations for start-ups, including insurance, HR and finance.

Advertising + Marketing Services

We have industry experts in advertising and marketing law, best practices and know the regulatory landscape. We know how to efficiently navigate all the agreements related to advertising, marketing and promotion of content and brands in digital and social media.

Technology Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive review and counsel on technology platforms, mobile applications, SaaS and all related service provider agreements, regulatory and industry compliance for digital content distribution.

Content Licensing, Production + Publishing

Provide comprehensive business and legal services on all matters relevant to your development, production and publication of content born for digital and social distribution platforms.


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